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Privacy Policy

Your privacy is our top priority.
At www.MedicareSupplements-Free-Quotes.com, we know that your privacy and identity protection is absolutely vital. We are completely committed to your maintaining and protecting your privacy and identity.

Your information will be kept private.
The information you provide to us will be kept private and in the strictest confidence. We will only use your personal information to correspond with you in order to help you find and select the best Medicare Insurance options for you.

Your personal information is encrypted, and your identity is protected and secured.
Our website and online technology is encrypted to ensure that your information and identity is protected and secure. See our SSL certificate. Furthermore, we adhere to strict procedural safeguards that ensure your information remains confidential and secure. We also comply fully with all HIPAA laws and regulations.

We will not share, trade, sell, or give away your information to anyone.
We do not sell, trade, or give away your personal information to anyone. We will not provide your information to outside insurance agents or companies. Your information will not be shared with anyone without your prior consent.

No mailing lists or other lists.
We will never sell or give your information to any mailing lists, e-mailing lists, or telephone lists. The information you share with us is for our internal use only.

No cookies.
When you visit our website, we will NOT use any cookies or attach any cookies to your computer. Cookies are used to track browsing behavior, and are a potential target for network attacks. We do not use them because they are a concern to an Internet user’s privacy and anonymity. Your IP address will remain private.

We are available to answer any questions you have regarding our privacy policy and our information security practices.
Please call us with any questions about our privacy policy at 1-800-521-2100

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  • We value your privacy. Your information will remain confidential and secure.